Annette Chastain

Annette Chastain is a licensed clinical social worker with 25 years of experience in mental health consultation, promotion, and prevention, as well as eight years of experience training and coaching Conscious Discipline. She works with Native American tribes, communities, parents, K-12 schools, and early childhood agencies. Since 2010, Annette has provided Conscious Discipline consultation and training to 42 Head Start classrooms in Central and Eastern Oregon.

After learning about Conscious Discipline from a teacher who had attended a conference, Annette was immediately attracted to the strong science base of the Brain State Model. The model helped Annette understand herself, her family, and others around her. She saw implementing Conscious Discipline in Native American communities as an opportunity to heal from historical trauma and weave cultural elements into the teachings.

When Annette began to see the transformational power of implementing Conscious Discipline into her daily life, she was able to teach others how to create this life-changing experience for themselves. As a clinical social worker, Annette understands that the best way to help children is to surround them with as many healthy individuals as possible. She believes that creating strong collaborations within communities, schools, and agencies that serve children and families is essential to build sustainable, life-changing self-regulation skills.

Annette continues to bring her passion for teaching Conscious Discipline into every area of her life, and she uses her personal stories to help others learn the skills and powers of Conscious Discipline. As a presenter, she creates a safe environment where participants become willing to learn and grow together.