Day 1:

      9am to Noon

  • Foundations of Conscious Discipline

  • Brain Smart Start and Brain Smart Principles that help our body get ready to learn.

  • Self-regulation and connections as a foundation for cooperation

  • Foundation of safety, connections and problem solving to help the adult first then the child. 

    Noon to 1pm Lunch

    1pm to 4pm


  • Brain State Model

  • Function of the brain in relation to behaviors

  • Identify the triggers, behaviors and developmental need

  • How to use knowledge of the Brain State Model in our daily lives

  • Powers, Skills and Structures of Conscious Discipline and how they work with the Brain State model to increase safety, connection and problem solving focusing on creating a “School Family”.  


Day 2:

    9am to Noon

  • Powers in Conscious Discipline - how they help the adult with self-regulation

  • Practice in identifying triggers and increasing self-regulation techniques

  • Practice in assessing where our focus is - and where we focus our energies every day.

  • Understand how our values and inner speech is connected with our early life experiences.

Lunch Noon-1pm

     1pm to 4pm

  • Skills in Conscious Discipline - how to gain the skill for ourselves first, then ideas and strategies for teaching children/families

  • Practice teaching skills to children through role play and activities

  • Structures - creating the School Family

  • How to use structures and activities to integrate the Conscious Discipline Powers and Skills into their life, classrooms, families and communities.